Life and buildings

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“Things just come through the drawing, the connection between the eye and the hand is an amazing thing, you cannot track it.”

Richard Leplastrier

“A good building must do two things. Firstly it must shelter us. Secondly it must speak to us.”

Peter Stutchbury

The yet to be completed…

It happened so that in the spring of 2018, Pastor Crosslin Marbaniang whom I call my brother and a spiritual mentor, happened to contact me for a visit to this particular family in the village of Pamlaban. He briefed me about his intent:

Kitbok is from a sparsely populated village of Pamlaban, in the distant areas of Ri-bhoi district of Meghalaya. He being blind child by birth, and being born into a poverty stricken family, did not have much hope for a better life. Few years back his very old mother became sick, which left her paralysed and immobile.

So Pastor told me, together we needed to plan and build a house. Hence I agreed.
(to be continued…)

One of the better built split bamboo houses of Kitbok’s family : where his brothers, along with their whives and children live. Such houses are common sight along the border areas of Ri-bhoi district of Meghalaya and West Karbi Anglong district of Assam

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